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Do You Need To File A US Tax Return?

As a US-American living abroad or a foreign national living or investing in the United States, you likely must file a US tax return. We can help with that.

We are experts in expat taxes and provide all types of US and expat tax services.

From deductions and exemptions that are not found on typical returns, to additional reporting requirements, we have you covered. Our expat tax team works with each client to ensure compliance, minimize tax liability and maximize refunds.

We work with a wide range of clients, from American employees, contractors, business owners abroad, and digital nomads, to part-time US residents, and non-residents who invest in the US.

Our US Tax Services

US Expat Tax Return

As a US citizen who lives abroad, you still have to file tax returns in the US. This is true even when you don’t owe taxes due to exemptions for foreign income.

We work with clients around the world to file their US tax returns.

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Non-Resident Tax Return

You may have to file a US tax return when you invest in the US, even if you are not a US citizen, don’t live in the US, and pay taxes elsewhere.

We can determine if you need to file and prepare.

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US-Owned Foreign Corporation

Expat entrepreneurs and business owners face special challenges when it comes to taxes. Setting up the right business structure can avoid hefty taxes in the US.

We advise on and assist with setting up appropriate legal structures and filing tax forms.

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US Corporation and Partnership Return

When foreign start-ups seek funding  in the US or when foreigners invest in US businesses or real estate, US tax forms need to be filed.

We can help you navigate US tax requirements and file all necessary forms.

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Back Taxes & Other Non-Compliance Resolution

You haven’t filed tax returns or reported foreign assets in previous years. Maybe because you lived abroad and forgot, or maybe you didn’t know about the requirements.

We can help you avoid or minimize penalties and get back into tax compliance.

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Crypto Tax & NFTs

Calculating capital gains and losses on cryptocurrencies requires a deep technical understanding of how crypto and tax software work and its limitations.

We have a cryptocurrencies tax package to suit your needs and make crypto tax reporting easy.

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Foreign Asset Reporting

Bank accounts and other assets in foreign countries have to be reported if they reach certain thresholds. Failure to do so can result in severe fines.

We submit hundreds of foreign assets reports on behalf of our clients every year.

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Incorporation Services

Setting up and running a US business requires much more than just the incorporation paperwork: you must also file tax returns and have supporting record-keeping and accounting.

We can handle all your relevant business services to ensure that everything ties together, is tax-compliant and tax-optimized. 

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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping and financial statements help you keep track of your company’s income, expenses, cash flow, assets and liabilities during the year. This helps you to gain insight into your business’s financial health and ensure that you are prepared when it’s time to file your tax returns.

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We specialize in International taxation

Online Taxman has helped thousands of US taxpayers abroad to stay in tax compliance while optimizing their tax situation.


I have nothing but good experiences with these guys. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. If you’re on the fence on who to use, I can strongly recommend you to go for them.

Danny Neess

Very knowledgeable and great service with a tricky expat situation that involved both personal and business returns. Highly recommended!

Corey Chimko

Truly a wonderful service for anyone trying to figure out international/expat taxes. Incredible customer service and takes the stress out of filing your taxes!

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