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Cryptocurrencies Investors And Traders

Calculating capital gains and losses on cryptocurrencies is not always an easy task. It requires a deep technical understanding of how crypto and tax software work and its limitations.

You can leave that to us, whether you own cryptocurrency now, have previously owned cryptocurrency, or intend to buy cryptocurrency in the future.

With our service, we make crypto tax reporting easy. We have a cryptocurrencies tax package to suit your needs, whether you are a first-time crypto buyer or a crypto whale.

We have a thorough understanding of blockchain, liquidity pools and staking protocols, NFT reporting, bridges, crypto loans, and we are committed to continuous learning and embracing the digital space.

Typical Questions We Often Answer

  • Do I need to pay taxes on crypto?
  • How do you calculate the cost basis for cryptocurrency? Which method should I use?
  • The cryptocurrency I sold had been in my wallet for more than a year. How will I be taxed?
  • Some part of my salary is paid to me in bitcoin. How do I report this income?
  • I am mining cryptocurrency. Do I have to pay self-employment tax? Can I deduct expenses?
  • How do I handle DeFi transactions? e.g.: 1) Adding and removing coins from liquidity pools; 2) bridging tokens between blockchains; and 3) token wrapping.
  • Do I need to disclose crypto I receive in a hard fork in my tax return?
  • I don’t have accurate records of my crypto transactions. What should I do?
  • I have not been reporting my crypto investment in my tax returns for several years. What can I do about it now?
  • Do I need to disclose my cryptocurrencies on an FBAR report?
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We Offer More Than Crypto Tax Reporting

We follow rigorous procedures to ensure accurate reporting, and analyze all transactions with missing cost basis.

We also assist you in optimizing your tax efficiency so that you do not pay any unnecessary tax.

Importantly, we understand the technical concepts in the crypto space: Liquidity Pools; DEXs; Staking; Bridges; Nodes; IDOs; NFTs and how to report these for tax purposes.

And we even offer our own NFT collection!

Why Do Your Crypto Taxes With Us

Other crypto tax solutions typically require you to input your data into their tax software. You’re basically on your own there, doing the formatting and troubleshooting yourself. With Online Taxman however, you work with a crypto tax accountant and reconciliation specialist. Our personalized service ensures that your tax return is done correctly.

Our Tax Packages

Customized Plan

Big projects require big solutions. Let us help you achieve success. Get customized pricing by scheduling a consultation with a crypto tax expert.

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During the consultation, we assess your tax situation and will provide you with a quote. Our transparent, fixed-fee pricing means you won’t have any surprises.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in cryptocurrency taxes and cryptocurrency regulations, and is well-versed in DeFi, liquidity pools and staking protocols NFTs, blockchain bridges, crypto lending, and is committed to continuous learning and adoption of the digital space.

I was pretty scared about doing my taxes considering the fact that I’m a pretty heavy DeFi user, but it was pretty easy to just send all my transactions over to Online Taxman and let them figure it out. Definitely will be using them again next year.

Simon Pettibone, China

As a new client of Online Taxman, I had many questions about current and potential future reporting requirements. Ignacio was able to address my numerous questions quite well. Once we got started on preparing my returns-- for not one year, but two, the time to completion, from start to finish was only two to three weeks. I will be working with Online Taxman for the returns next year as well. I recommend Online Taxman to anyone who needs expert advice which would fall outside common accounting knowledge, particularly as it relates to new tax laws.

John Murphy

Crypto accounting was way more complicated than I realized when I got started. I've been very lucky to have Online Taxman on my side. They made sure my filings were air-tight and were proactive in giving advice to help reduce my tax bill. With Online Taxman, my stress over tax filings went away and I saved a lot of time.

Andrew D.