Meet The Online Taxman Team

Our team members are not only highly qualified expat tax professionals. They are also expats themselves. As such they understand firsthand the situation of Americans abroad. Some are also entrepreneurs and are keen on helping other entrepreneurs with tax and related services.

Vincenzo Villamena

Founder, CEO

Vincenzo Villamena, CPA
Founder, CEO

Vincenzo is the founder and CEO of Online Taxman. He has extensive experience in both tax preparation and advising clients in accounting and financial transactions.

At Online Taxman, Vincenzo oversees corporate and individual filings. He specializes in offshore structuring for US entrepreneurs abroad and US real estate transactions by foreign nationals and funds.

Before founding Online Taxman, Vincenzo served as partner in 4 Corners Inc., focusing on individuals and businesses for accounting and tax preparation matters as well as advising high net worth individuals in private equity investing.

Vincenzo also has “Big 4” audit and corporate accounting experience during his time with PricewaterhouseCoopers, involved in Fortune 100 audit engagements and M&A transactions, giving him the knowledge to perform analysis in valuation, corporate finance, and technical accounting issues.

He has both a Masters of Accounting and Bachelors of Business Administration with distinction from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M Ross School of Business.

Vincenzo loves to travel and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Vincenzo currently lives in Medellin, Colombia, the location of our newest office.


Partner, COO

John Hamilton, CPA
Partner, COO

John has been with Online Taxman since the beginning and serves as partner and COO. He is experienced in individual and small business taxation, holistic financial planning, as well as pensions and investments.

John is a CPA in the State of Illinois. Prior to joining Online Taxman, he spent his early career working in financial services, creating needs based financial plans for individuals and built his own tax practice as a sole proprietor in the Chicagoland area. John also spent time as a client finance manager at Accretive Health and was a financial consultant at Huron Consulting Group, consulting on litigation matters for Fortune 500 companies. John holds a Master of Science in Accounting from Boston College and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan.

John started his expat life in Australia and subsequently lived in Spain, Argentina, and Colombia. He now calls Rio de Janeiro home. John is fluent in Spanish and and is currently learning Portuguese.

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