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Our team members are not only highly qualified expat tax professionals. We ourselves are also expats, digital nomads, immigrants, and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, we understand firsthand what our clients face. And we are passionate about finding the best tax solutions for those international situations.

They take the time to learn about your exact situation and offer a custom strategy that fits your business, personal and long-term growth goals – it’s not like other groups that have a one size fits all strategy –  this team will deliver what is best for you.

Magee Clegg

Our Team

Viktor Krig expat tax accountant

Viktor Krig

Nelle Fallon

Nelle Fallon, EA

Michael Mellott CPA

Michael Mellott, CPA

Arun Sarasan

Florencia Staffa, EA

Tony Jhang

Tony Jhang, CPA

Gaurav Daswani

Gaurav (Kevin) Daswani, CA, EA

Arun Sarasan

Arun Sarasan, MBA

Cesar Rouquaud

Cesar Rouquaud, EA


Maeva Camara, EA

Olya Gubanova

Olya Gubanova, CPA

Mane Stanisic

Mane Stanišić

Boris Vulovic

Boris Vulović

Alisa Šešum

Alisa Šešum


Nina Mitrovic

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During the consultation we assess your tax situation and will provide you with a quote. Our transparent, fixed fee pricing means you won’t have any surprises.

Our experienced accountants prepare your US tax return, so you don’t have to dig through the details of tax laws that apply to your specific international situation. If the IRS has questions about your return, we’re there for you and will handle the correspondence with the IRS.