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Setting Up Your Business The Right Way

Setting up and running a US business requires much more than just the incorporation paperwork. You must file tax returns and need supporting record-keeping and accounting.

As entrepreneur, you may have employees that you pay and must withhold taxes for. Or contractors, that need a 1099 tax form.

With our services for US companies, we make running your business easy. Rather than dealing with different firms or trying to do it yourself, we have you covered.

From incorporation to bookkeeping services to tax compliance, our team is with you each step of the way.

Typical Questions We Often Answer

  • What is the best US business structure for me? (If an offshore structure would be better, our sister company Global Expat Advisors can help you with that.)
  • What are the benefits of opening a US LLC for non-US people?
  • What is the best state to incorporate in?
  • Should I set up as an S Corp or LLC?
  • What is the difference between an LLC, C Corp and S Corp?
  • How do I open a US bank account as a foreigner?
  • How long does it take to open a company?
  • What is an EIN and how do I get one?

Setting Up Your Business Services With Us

Having all your relevant business services set up in one “shop” ensures that everything ties together, is tax-compliant and tax-optimized.


We help to select the best business structure for your situation.

Our incorporations team has extensive experience setting up US LLC, S Corp, C Corp, or Partnership, and also foreign companies.

Our Incorporation Services include preparing the legal paperwork, registered agent (if needed), and more.


Our in-house bookkeeper has helped many international entrepreneurs manage their books and generate financial statements.

Proper bookkeeping enables you to track your company’s income, expenses, cash flow, assets, and liabilities during the year. Gain insights into your company’s financial health and ensure that your company’s information is organized when it’s time to file your taxes.


US owners of an S Corporation  must set up payroll to pay their own and their employees’ salaries.

Don’t overlook required tax withholding, including state tax.

We set up your payroll so it runs automatically–no extra work on your part.

Bank Accounts

Having a US bank account establishes trust and credibility with your customers. However, navigating the US banking system from outside the US can be complex.

We offer services to help open a US bank account remotely.  We advise on the best banks to use and guide you through the strict application process.

Tax Filings

US companies and foreign companies owned by Americans must file US tax returns. Even a foreign-owned LLC has US filing requirements.

Our experienced team of tax accountants has prepared thousands of tax returns for foreigners with a US-based business and for American entrepreneurs living abroad.

Offshore Structure

A US company alone might not be the right structure for every business. Sometimes an offshore structure allows for better tax optimization. It can also offer other advantages, such as asset protection.

The structuring experts at our sister company Global Expat Advisors can guide you through the nuances of offshore businesses, banking, and more.

Next Step - Get In Touch With Us

Our Incorporation Specialists will assess your needs and find the right approach for you. We’ve been working with entrepreneurs, cross-border investors, and business owners for over a decade.

No matter where you are in your growth, we have solutions that make managing your business finances and taxes easy and stress-free. Plus, our transparent, fixed fee pricing means you won’t have any surprises.

If you run a geo independent business and are considering moving everything abroad – call this team ASAP, you will save yourself a ton of time and money. The best part about their service is that they take the time to learn about your exact situation and offer a custom strategy that fits your business, personal and long term growth goals – it’s not like other groups that have a one size fits all strategy – this team will deliver what is best for you.
Magee Clegg
Truly a wonderful service for anyone trying to figure out international/expat taxes. Incredible customer service and takes the stress out of filing your taxes! Thanks!!

Ana Grammatica

An amazing company to work with. They saved me thousands of dollars of tax money paid in previous years with another irresponsible accountant. They have become my go-to accounting firm given my digital nomad needs.

Ivan Kreimer

The advice and time they have saved me have paid for the service many times over. Having smart people that are easy to work with is an incredible asset. These guys deliver! I'll definitely be working with them again. Thanks, Online Taxman!!

Nate Lassiter

We have pretty complicated taxes … and really needed somebody who knew international taxes and expat tax law. We've had a really good experience working with Vincenzo and his team. Strongly recommend working with them.

Alicia Callen, Singapore

After struggling to find a CPA who could work remotely and fully digitally, I came across Online Taxman referenced in a few different digital nomad groups. Now that my personal and (online) business taxes are filed, I must say that I'm very impressed and will certainly be a long time customer. Vincenzo and his team communicated promptly and left me with the feeling that I was in good hands. Their processes and tools made it easy to submit/review documents at every step along the way. All my questions were answered quickly and fully. Maybe it sounds too simple, but these guys really provided great overall customer service (which seems to be lacking in the industry). Thank you!

Ben Slavin

I contacted the Online Taxman a few years ago to understand my tax requirements living overseas and they have given me amazing service through the years. I know that when I have questions or do not understand certain items that I can just ask.

Patrick Kitchell, Denmark

They helped me with my business and personal taxes. The advice and time they have saved me have paid for the service many times over. Having smart people that are easy to work with is an incredible asset. These guys deliver! I'll definitely be working with them again. Thanks, Online Taxman!!

Nate Lassiter

Killer company—I've been working with them the past couple years, and they've saved me tons vs. my past returns and always have helpful, timely responses to my questions. Highly recommend!

Sean Quinn

I have nothing but good experiences with these guys. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. If you're on the fence on who to use, I can strongly recommend you to go for them.

Danny Neess