Our 5 Step Process

We believe that filing your US tax return should be easy and painless, no matter where you are in the world. That’s why we’ve developed a proven process to work with US expats and other US tax filers which allows you to have your taxes done by a CPA from the comfort of your own home.

expat free tax consultation

Have a consultation

You can schedule a consultation with one of our experienced tax accountants directly in our calendar. The consultation has a small fee that will be credited to your tax preparation bill.

The goal of the expat tax consultation with one of our CPAs is to:

  • Understand your tax situation
  • Share with you our background and experience
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Provide you with an accurate and fixed fee quote

This consultation is a great way to get to know your CPA. Taxes can be very personal, so we want to make sure that you are comfortable with the CPA who will be doing yours.

After our consultation, we will send you an electronic engagement letter outlining the scope of services and an initial deposit email with a secure payment link. If you’d like to work with us, simply e-sign the engagement letter and pay the deposit. You will generally work with the CPA you have already spoken with, along with a staff accountant.  Together they will handle your taxes throughout the entire process.

secure encrypted tax document upload US tax return

Create a secure collaboration account to share tax info

Once you sign and pay, you will receive an automatic welcome email with an online questionnaire, as well as an invitation to collaborate using a 256-bit encrypted shared folder, the same security used at financial institutions.

This is how you will securely share your tax documents with us and where your CPA will upload your tax return for your review. Your questionnaire will help us gather some basic information that applies to your specific situation that will build on what we learned in the initial consultation. We will also request you upload at least your prior year’s tax return for us to review.

Once you upload your documents and complete questionnaire, your accountant will get to work.

expat CPA file US tax return for you

Sit back and relax
(Your CPA is working for you)

Now that you have uploaded your documents, your CPA will begin preparing your US tax return. He will contact you directly if he needs any additional information or has additional questions. Your CPA and staff accountant will handle all of your questions, document requests, etc. We are always available via email or by phone appointment.

A single tax return will be ready within about 2 weeks from the time you submit your final document and questionnaire. If you need more expedited service, please let your CPA know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

e-file US tax return easy process

Review and e-file your tax return

Once your CPA completes your US tax return it will be uploaded to the collaboration folder for your review. At this time we can make any necessary changes and answer any additional questions that you may have before we finalize the return. Upon the upload of your return, we will also request that you pay the remaining invoice.

After you approve the tax return, we will send it to you for electronic signature. Once the return is signed and the invoice is paid, we will  e-file the return. We will never file unless you have approved your return first.

In the few cases where the IRS won’t allow for e-filing, we will provide instructions on how to file appropriately yourself.

More relaxing

After your US tax return is filed, you can relax again. If the IRS does not agree with anything on a return we filed or has questions, we’re there for you. We will analyze and address any correspondence that you receive from the IRS for that tax year.

In addition, we are available throughout the year to answer your tax questions. This service is included in your price; you don’t have to pay extra every time we answer a question for you.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

Let’s get started with the first step, a free expat tax consultation!