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We Provide US Tax Services To Clients Around The World

We Work With A Wide Range Of Clients

Our clients are engineers, scientists, managers, marketers, bankers, lawyers, artists, and more. They work for large or small companies, for themselves as solopreneurs or running their own global business. And they are located in Europe, Australia, Asia or the Americas.

Americans Working Overseas

Whether you are employed by a multinational corporation, work for a local company, or are a freelancer, we have expertise in advising people in your exact situation. No matter your situation, we can prepare and file your US taxes while you are working abroad.

We have clients that work at LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter, HP, GE, and other international companies, some on an expat assignment, others as local hires. We also have clients that work at local companies, freelance, or started their own company abroad. We are familiar with the different situations and tax documents.

Expat Entrepreneurs

If you are a foreign or domestic business owner, special tax laws apply depending upon your situation. We help you effectively navigate these laws to stay in compliance and take advantages of certain benefits. In addition to preparing your expat tax return, we can also help you set up the most tax-optimized entity for your business.

Some of our clients operate multi-million dollar businesses from an exotic location or while on the move. Businesses range from providing B2B or B2C services, e-commerce, to travel and fashion.

Non-Residents Investing In The USA

When you invest or start a business in the US, whether in securities, real estate or a startup, there will be US tax implications. Not only can we help you with filing your taxes from abroad, but also with setting up US business structures and bank accounts from abroad.

Foreign Nationals Living In The USA

Foreign citizens who live and work in the US face unique tax situations. Your visa may determine the type of tax return you must file, as well as the tax benefits afforded to you. We have experience dealing with the issues that foreign nationals face, whether they are executives, students, or visiting professors.

Digital Nomads

Some of us have been there ourselves, so we’ve experienced first-hand your unique lifestyle and the issues you face as a traveling expat. We’ll help you understand your US tax obligations and advise you of the tax benefits that come with working remotely abroad.

Some of our nomadic clients work remotely for a company, others freelance or run their entire business from their laptop. We can also help you set up a tax-optimized business structure.

Green Card Holders

As a Green Card holder you are considered a US permanent resident and have to file US taxes, no matter where you live in the world. We have experience with dual status taxpayers, re-entry permit holders, and other complexities of US residency. We can also advise on pre-immigration tax planning.

Back Tax Filers

If you haven’t been filing tax returns or other financial reporting forms in prior years or have made mistakes in filing prior US expat tax returns, you may face severe penalties if discovered by the authorities. We can help you get back into tax compliance with the IRS and Treasury, while minimizing potential penalties and taxes due.

Retirees Abroad

You worked hard to build a nest egg, but taxes can significantly affect it going forward. When you are filing taxes from abroad, there are tax implications you may not be aware of. If you receive a pension, retirement account distribution, rental income or other income, you must understand how it will be treated by the IRS and your host nation. We know the tax nuances faced by retirees filing taxes from abroad and help you file your tax return.

What Our Clients Like About Our Service*

*from our client satisfaction survey


“I love the fully online service. No need to mail/fax papers! I also like that the team is very responsive and knowledgeable, giving me guidance as needed along the way.”

“Great customer service, quick responses to follow up emails and easy communication. Overall, Online Taxman provides thorough, well-supported arguments and reliable information to help me make informed decisions.”

“Personal service and a service that caters to the needs of American business owners living overseas.”

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