Non-Resident Tax Return

It can be scary facing the IRS as a non-resident filing US taxes for the first time, but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help and can guide you through the process.

Not only US citizens, but anyone who earns income while in the US or invests in the US  must file US taxes, including those performing work in the US only for short periods of time. US non-resident tax returns are unique as they may involve tax treaty benefits, income from multiple countries. In some cases a non-resident tax return may be combined with a resident tax return for a “dual-status” tax return. Your visa may even determine what type of forms you are required to file.

Typical questions we often answer:

  • How do file if I moved in the middle of the year?
  • Do I have to file if I don’t live in the US?
  • Do I have to report my US income and investments if I don’t live in the US?
  • What forms do I have to file and what benefits are available to me as a visiting student or professor?
  • Do I have to report the income and assets in my home country on my US taxes?
  • Can I deduct my travel or moving expenses to the US?
  • What other deductions are available to me?
  • Is there a tax treaty and how does that work?
  • Do I have to report my foreign bank accounts or other assets?

We can  prepare your non-resident US tax return, making sure you receive all available treaty benefits and deductions available in order to minimize your US taxes.

In addition, we offer tax planning and financial services for foreigners who invest in the US, such as setting up a US-based business structure (e.g. LLC) or opening financial accounts.

Contact us for a consultation.

During the consultation we assess your tax situation and will provide you with a quote. Our transparent pricing means you won’t have any surprises.

Our experienced CPAs prepare your US tax return, so you don’t have to wonder how US tax laws apply to non-residents.