Social Impact

Projects Close To Our Hearts

At Online Taxman, we feel privileged and fortunate to be able to travel the world and experience different cultures. We’d like to give back to local communities that give us so much in terms of experiences, perspective, and grounding.

Here we want to share our past and present projects to inspire others to give back.

Coronavirus Relief

While we as a firm have been weathering the pandemic reasonably well, many of our local communities were significantly impacted. We are proud of our team members across the globe that are supporting their communities.

One team member raised significant funds to buy equipment for the hospital in her small home town in Serbia that was overwhelmed by COVID patients. Other team members with strong ties to Colombia organized and donated to volunteer efforts to provide meals to the homeless and families in struggling neighborhoods of Medellin. Another supported oxygen drives in his native India when supplies there dwindled.

Rohingya Refugee Camp

Devastated by what was reported on the news and inspired by one of our clients who had a Medical aid station in Bangladesh, we raised money and went to help distribute clothes and health supplies to women and children affected by this terrible tragedy.

Yawanawa Tribe

Vincenzo had the unique opportunity to experience a spiritual retreat in the Amazon. Together with friends, he spent a week with the Yawanawa tribe deep in the Amazon of Brazil. They participated in ancient rituals as well as daily life.

Inspired by what they say and saddened by the lack of opportunity afforded these forgotten people, we have donated books and seeds to this tribe in order to improve their education and do self sustained farming. Furthermore, we want to help sharing this life-changing experience with others and also give the tribe a source of much needed income by inviting other guests into their lives.

Please check out Sete Estrelas – A Spiritual Retreat in the Amazon.

OTM social impact Yawanawa tribe

GivePower Colombia

We are partnering with GivePower, an international organization started by Elon Musk that assists indigenous communities by giving solar energy systems that power food production and clean water through desalination.

We are working with them specifically in a fundraiser to help an Amazonian village in Colombia get electricity to their community. We are currently fundraising for this project, you can donate here or reach out to us with you would like to participate in this project.