Useful Links

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The best sources for US tax is of course from the IRS itself, rather than discussion boards and Facebook groups. Granted, IRS publications are not always easy to read and often use tax lingo and technical terms. It can also be difficult to determine which provisions apply to your specific situation and how.

The IRS has a webpage for International Taxpayers that includes subsections for Taxpayers living Abroad, Resident Aliens and other categories. Here you can find links to IRS forms, publications and other information.

The IRS also offers publications on a variety of tax topics for US expats and entrepreneurs abroad, as well as part-time US residents and others Aliens. Here’s a list of relevant general tax publications:

The IRS website may not answer all your specific questions and provide the certainty for your specific situation that you are looking for. But it can provide a good overview if you want to learn more about tax topics directly from the source. (For a more reader-friendly experience, tailored to US expats and entrepreneurs abroad, check out our blog.)